Jewellery repairs

At Victoria James Jewellers we can undertake any jewellery repair needs you may have, from polishing, plating and sizing rings to re-tipping, re-shanks and replacement stones.

As jewellery manufacturers we understand the delicate and complex processes of ring and jewellery repairs and we carry out all the repairs on the premises in our Birmingham Jewellery quater workshop.

We can add gold, or replace worn parts of your rings to help to keep them looking at their best and to help keep those precious stones secure.

If you’ve lost an earring or the claws on your rings are looking thin and worn or if your jewellery just needs a bit of TLC to get it looking its’ best again, then we can help.

Jewellery alterations

We can undertake complete alterations. So, if you are want to use the diamonds or gemstones from your old or inherited jewellery we can work with you to design your new items to incorporate them. And it's all done here in our Jewellery Quarter workshop.

For more information please get in touch by using our direct message service below. You can use our appointment booking system below to arrange an appointment for us to see your items in our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter store.